HealthiosXchange offers direct access to the broadest selection of investment opportunities.
Funding Companies From Seed to Exit.    Private to Public.    Angel to VC to Growth Equity to LBO.

Investment Syndicates “The Champions Program”

HealthiosXchange empowers industry leaders – CEO’s, Board Directors, Angels, Senior Advisors – to organize their own investment groups. Lead investors can invite accredited investors to participate alongside them in a special purpose fund, which becomes an investor in one or more emerging growth healthcare companies.

Benefits of the Champions Program include:

  • Invest directly alongside the industry’s most accomplished leaders
  • Lowest cost and unique incentive structure creates perfect alignment of interests
  • Superior investor protections
Interested in starting your own syndication?

Healthios has advised on more than 70 healthcare transactions in 15 countries. Since August 1, 2013, Healthios clients have raised more than $300 million in financing. Notable recent opportunities include:

Has completed its $60,000,000 Series C Financing

Pre-IPO Financing

Has issued $35,000,000 in Interest-Bearing High Yield Securities

High-Yield Debt as
"Bridge" to Exit

Has completed a $25,000,000 Series A Financing

Series A Investment in
"Series D" company

Has issued $10,000,000 Senior Subordinated Debt

Bridge to "M&A"

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